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Propanoic acid, 3-cyano-, ethyl ester




Molecular Formula:C6H9NO2

Molecular Weight:127.1412

UN Number:

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Synonyms: Ethyl 3-cyanopropanoate; 10137-67-4; BFSBTNGKMMFQNL-UHFFFAOYSA-N; Q745927X6R; Ethyl 3-cyanopropanoate #; AC1L33BG; WLN: NC2VO2; SCHEMBL533711; DTXSID10143876; ALBB-016432; NSC94973; ZINC1615169; Propanoic acid, 3-cyano-, ethyl ester; ZX-AN015124; 7342AC; MFCD01695650; NSC-94973; AKOS015959723; Propanoic acid,3-cyano-, ethyl ester; FCH1138177; MCULE-9221721525; AK544280; AS-41886; 3-Cyanopropionic acid, ethyl ester; AB0081349; LS-124607; Propanoic acid, 3-cyano-, ethyl ester (9CI); W-4057; Propanoic acid, ethyl ester; Propionic acid, ethyl ester; C6H9NO2; C6-H9-N-O2; CID82393; 4-02-00-01923 (Beilstein Handbook Reference); Propionic acid, 3-cyano-, ethyl ester; UNII-Q745927X6R; ethyl 3-cyanopropionate; NSC 94973; BRN 1756022; 3-Cyanopropanoic acid ethyl ester;

Keywords: 10137-67-4,MFCD01695650,1P0004SD,Propanoic acid, 3-cyano-, ethyl ester,C6H9NO2

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