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Butanoic acid, 4-oxo-, ethyl ester




Molecular Formula:C6H10O3

Molecular Weight:130.1418

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Synonyms: ethyl 4-oxobutanoate; 10138-10-0; 3-ethoxycarbonylpropionaldehyde; AI3-52376; 4-oxo-butyric acid ethyl ester; Ethylester kyseliny 3-formylpropionove [Czech]; 0592D2Y8Z0; ethyl-4-oxobutyrate; ethyl-4-oxobutanoate; Ethylester kyseliny 3-formylpropionove; AC1L33BM; 4-03-00-01555 (Beilstein Handbook Reference); ethyl 4-oxobutyrate; SCHEMBL525668; succinaldehydic acid ethyl ester; 4-oxo-butanoic acid ethyl ester; 4-Oxobutanoic acid, ethyl ester; CHEBI:87282; CTK8G4312; DTXSID90143879; QFMPHCGACBODIJ-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ZINC5650548; MFCD01683413; ethyl 3-formylpropionate; AKOS016358715; ACN-048971; AS-44958; SC-33382; LS-147266; FT-0696255; Y1687; F2147-1739; Ethyl 4 - oxobutanoate; C6H10O3; Succinaldehydic acid, ethyl ester; CID82395; C6-H10-O3; Butanoic acid, 4-oxo-, ethyl ester; 4-Oxobutanoic acid ethyl ester; UNII-0592D2Y8Z0; beta-Formyl propionic acid, ethyl ester; BRN 1756021;

Keywords: 10138-10-0,MFCD01683413,1P0004T1,Butanoic acid, 4-oxo-, ethyl ester,C6H10O3

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