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Benzene, [[(5-bromopentyl)oxy]methyl]-




Molecular Formula:C12H17BrO

Molecular Weight:257.1668

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 1014-93-3; Benzyl 5-Bromoamyl Ether; Benzyloxypentyl Bromide; 5-bromopentylbenzylether; 5-benzyloxypentyl bromide; 5-bromopentoxymethylbenzene; 5-bromopentyl benzyl ether; ACMC-2097vi; 1-bromo-5-benzyloxy pentane; 5-benzyloxy-1-bromo-pentane; SCHEMBL1309167; CTK3J2949; (((5-Bromopentyl)oxy)methyl)benzene; DTXSID80557562; HGUZJKJSYSSVLK-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ZINC2392144; ANW-14476; MFCD02258456; AKOS013523885; VZ31348; AS-10488; RT-001143; B2819; (5-Bromopentyloxymethyl)benzene; FT-0633248; KS-00001790; I14-99712; Benzyl 5-Bromopentyl Ether; Benzene, [[(5-bromopentyl)oxy]methyl]-; 1-(Benzyloxy)-5-bromopentane; ((5-bromopentyloxy)methyl)benzene; 5-BENZYLOXY-1-BROMOPENTANE; {[(5-bromopentyl)oxy]methyl}benzene; Benzyl5-BromoamylEther;

Keywords: 1014-93-3,MFCD02258456,1P0004VJ,Benzene, [[(5-bromopentyl)oxy]methyl]-,C12H17BrO

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