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Benzonitrile, 4-iodo-3-nitro-




Molecular Formula:C7H3IN2O2

Molecular Weight:274.0154

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 4-Iodo-3-nitrobenzonitrile; 101420-79-5; KS-00000YPI; DTXSID70591197; CS-B0300; 0379AA; ANW-57041; MFCD07783655; ZINC21990576; AKOS015909772; FCH4919250; LS10160; Benzonitrile,4-iodo-3-nitro-; AJ-79695; AS-46292; BBV-45531197; OR400133; AX8237546; DB-058604; RT-020426; FT-0720805; ST24023579; J-000388; ACMC-20a4pv; I14-31932; 3-Nitro-4-iodobenzonitrile; 4-Iodo-3-nitro-benzonitrile; C7H3IN2O2; SCHEMBL5358509; Benzonitrile, 4-iodo-3-nitro-; CTK3J9779;

Keywords: 101420-79-5,MFCD07783655,1P0004XQ,Benzonitrile, 4-iodo-3-nitro-,C7H3IN2O2

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