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Benzoic acid, 3-bromo-4-nitro-




Molecular Formula:C7H4BrNO4

Molecular Weight:246.0150

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 3-Bromo-4-nitrobenzoic acid; 101420-81-9; 3-bromo-4-nitro-benzoic acid; SCHEMBL2722394; CTK3J9780; KS-00000JYA; DTXSID10584745; KKPPNEJUUOQRLE-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ACT07918; ZINC2529198; 3-Bromo-4-nitrobenzoic acid, 97%; ANW-47160; 3-Bromo-4-nitrobenzoicacid; CL8896; SBB063812; AKOS007930294; AM84175; CB-1766; CS-W005429; RP28723; VZ26452; 3-BROMO-4-NITROBENZOIC ACID 97; AJ-38405; Benzoic acid, 3-bromo-4-nitro-; AK-25248; AN-34221; BC004094; BR-25248; DS-10690; AB0033971; DB-011145; RT-019589; ST2417536; 4CH-012713; Benzoic acid,3-bromo-4-nitro-; B4786; FT-0647530; X8050; A19526; S-2297; 420B819; I01-2990; J-511943; C7H4BrNO4; ACN-050254; MFCD04117949; 3-Bromo-4-Nitrobenzoic Acid 97; PubChem16301; ACMC-209x3e; 4-nitro-3-bromobenzoic acid;

Keywords: 101420-81-9,MFCD04117949,1P0004XP,Benzoic acid, 3-bromo-4-nitro-,C7H4BrNO4

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