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Isopropanesulfonyl chloride




Molecular Formula:C3H7ClO2S

Molecular Weight:142.6045

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Synonyms: 2-propanesulfonyl chloride; Isopropylsulfonyl chloride; EINECS 233-415-2; 2-Propanesulfonyl chloride, 97%; DRINJBFRTLBHNF-UHFFFAOYSA-N; MFCD00007453; isopropylsulphonyl choride; Isopropylsulfonylchloride; 2-propylsulfonylchloride; isopropylsufonyl chloride; ACMC-1BPQD; isopropylsulphonylchloride; 10147-37-2; isopropyl-sulfonylchloride; 2-propylsulfonyl chloride; AC1Q1QTI; isopropanesulphonylchloride; i-propanesulfonyl chloride; propan-2-sulfonyl chlorid; 2-propylsulphonyl chloride; iso-propylsulfonyl chloride; 2-propanesulphonyl chloride; ClSO2CH(CH3)2; 2-Propanesulfonyl chloride; iso-propylsulphonyl chloride; Isopropane sulfonyl chloride; isopropyl sulphonyl chloride; 2-propane sulfonyl chloride; 2-propyl-sulphonyl chloride; AC1L33CP; propane-2-sulphonyl chloride; SCHEMBL17672; isopropylsulphonic acid chloride; CTK0H9963; Propane-2-sulfonyl chloride; DTXSID60143942; Isopropylsulfonyl chloride (95%); OTAVA-BB 1144950; 1-Methylethanesulfonic acid chloride; 1-methylethanesulphonic acid chloride; 7354AC; ANW-14472; BBL027642; STL371949; ZINC59796712; Isopropylsulphonyl chloride; AKOS005206819; AS03700; MCULE-9385900902; RTC-020533; AK548222; SC-48592; AB0053352; LS-188415; TC-020533; FT-0627459; Isopropyl sulfonyl chloride; I0291; EN300-49994; Y-9832; I09-1958; J-000405; F2190-0573; C3H7ClO2S; C3-H7-Cl-O2-S; CID82408; 2-Propanesulfonyl chloride, 97% - 25G 25g; isopropanesulfonyl chloride; CCRIS 4139; 2-Propanesulfonylchloride;

Keywords: 10147-37-2,MFCD00007453,1P000513,Isopropanesulfonyl chloride,C3H7ClO2S

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