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Borate(1-), trifluoro[4-(hydroxymethyl)phenyl]-, potassium (1:1), (T-4)-




Molecular Formula:C7H7BF3KO

Molecular Weight:214.0344

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 1015082-78-6; Potassium 4-(hydroxymethyl)phenyltrifluoroborate; ZX-RL002734; AKOS016339812; AS-2430; FCH1325792; KS-000022C3; PC200164; AB0008931; M-2044; Potassium (4-hydroxymethyl phenyl)ltrifluoroborate; Potassium 4-(hydroxymethyl)phenyltrifluoroborate, 97%; MFCD08276800; Potassium trifluoro[4-(hydroxymethyl)phenyl]borate(1-); Borate(1-), trifluoro[4-(hydroxymethyl)phenyl]-, potassium (1:1), (T-4)-; C7H7BF3KO; Potassium (4-hydroxymethylphenyl)ltrifluoroborate; Potassium trifluoro(4-(hydroxymethyl)phenyl)borate; potassium trifluoro[4-(hydroxymethyl)phenyl]boranuide; PubChem11367; AMTB228; SCHEMBL909654; DTXSID60635711;

Keywords: 1015082-78-6,MFCD08276800,1P00054O,Borate(1-), trifluoro[4-(hydroxymethyl)phenyl]-, potassium (1:1), (T-4)-,C7H7BF3KO

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