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Propanoic acid, 3-(phenylsulfonyl)-




Molecular Formula:C9H10O4S

Molecular Weight:214.2383

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 3-(Phenylsulfonyl)propanoic acid; 10154-71-9; ACMC-1BPV9; AC1Q6UP1; AC1Q75QC; Oprea1_677351; 3-phenylsulfonylpropanoic acid; 3-phenylsulfonylpropionic acid; MLS004820313; SCHEMBL1001018; KS-00003SJG; DTXSID30339294; 3-(Phenylsulfonyl)propionic acid; 3-(Phenylsulphonyl)propanoic acid; HMS1408B15; ZINC245034; 3-(Phenylsulfonyl)propanoic acid #; ALBB-009418; 0409AA; ANW-72609; BBL008675; MFCD00010141; SBB015222; 3-(benzenesulfonyl)propanoic acid; STK398322; AKOS000195530; ACN-048965; CCG-103803; MCULE-1689886413; RP26812; SDCCGMLS-0065396.P001; 3-(Phenylsulfonyl)propionic acid, 99%; IDI1_007552; AJ-18310; 3-Benzenesulfonyl-propionic acid; AK-32663; SMR001335217; TS-00444; AB0135682; TR-000393; BB 0219366; EU-0067914; FT-0649948; ST45255830; W-6197; 3-[Phenylsulfonyl]propionic acid; SR-01000397818; I04-4296; J-510928; SR-01000397818-1; Z56871817; F0266-3532; 2-methyl-2H-indazol-7-amine; C9H10O4S; AR-1E7931; CID555252; WGTYYNCSWCKXAI-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 101626-68-0; Propanoic acid, 3-(phenylsulfonyl)-; Enamine_004965; AC1LBC9S;

Keywords: 10154-71-9,MFCD00010141,1P00057X,Propanoic acid, 3-(phenylsulfonyl)-,C9H10O4S

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