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(3,6-Dimethoxypyridazin-4-yl)boronic acid




Molecular Formula:C6H9BN2O4

Molecular Weight:183.9577

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 1015480-87-1; (3,6-dimethoxypyridazin-4-yl)boronic acid; CTK3J9889; DTXSID40674906; ZMMDVCDFKFTXIC-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ZX-AT013867; ANW-14486; FCH882528; MFCD10700157; RW2872; AKOS005259721; ZINC169748079; 3,6-Dimethoxylpyridazine-4-boronic acid; OR40511; QC-2059; RP03333; RTR-000394; AK-84695; BC001596; (3,6-dimethoxy-4-pyridazinyl)boronic acid; 3,6-Dimethoxy-4-(dihydroxyboryl)pyridazine; AB0029350; AX8246484; 3,6-Dimethoxypyridazine-4-boronic acid; TR-000394; 4CH-005249; ST24034234; X1492; A-4114; A800401; 3,6-dimethoxylpyridazine-4-boronic acid, AldrichCPR; I04-2926; B-(3,6-DIMETHOXY-4-PYRIDAZINYL)-BORONIC ACID; BORONIC ACID, B-(3,6-DIMETHOXY-4-PYRIDAZINYL)-; 3,6-dimethoxypyridazin-4-ylboronic acid; C6H9BN2O4; 3,6-dimethoxypyridazin-4-ylboronate; 4-Borono-3,6-dimethoxypyridazine; 3,6-dimethoxypyridazin-4-yl-4-boronic acid; J-501111; ACMC-2097vs; SCHEMBL520761;

Keywords: 1015480-87-1,MFCD10700157,1P000585,(3,6-Dimethoxypyridazin-4-yl)boronic acid,C6H9BN2O4

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