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Benzenemethanol, 4,5-dimethoxy-2-nitro-




Molecular Formula:C9H11NO5

Molecular Weight:213.1873

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 4,5-Dimethoxy-2-nitrobenzyl alcohol; 1016-58-6; EINECS 213-806-4; 6-nitroveratrylalcohol; PubChem8715; AC1L24MB; SCHEMBL67755; ACMC-2097w8; CTK4A0065; ZINC56870; DTXSID50144044; BCP11712; 6-Nitroveratryl alcohol; ZX-AT016845; 4,5-dimethoxy 2-nitrobenzyl alcohol; ANW-14502; SBB009964; AKOS009116292; AS05970; CD-1172; CM13400; MCULE-9912503419; VZ27579; (4,5-dimethoxy-2-nitrophenyl)methanol; Benzenemethanol,4,5-dimethoxy-2-nitro-; (4,5-dimethoxy-2-nitro-phenyl)methanol; AC-26188; AJ-09485; AK-81469; AN-48324; AS-15876; CC-17316; SC-00089; ST060249; Benzenemethanol, 4,5-dimethoxy-2-nitro-; ZB001864; 4,5-Dimethoxy-2-nitrobenzyl alcohol, 98%; AB0018054; AX8011304; TR-000417; D4811; FT-0617191; ST24026241; A22392; M-2059; WBSCOJBVYHQOFB-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 016D586; C-11224; I01-5795; J-000464; InChI=1/C9H11NO5/c1-14-8-3-6(5-11)7(10(12)13)4-9(8)15-2/h3-4,11H,5H2,1-2H; C9H11NO5; C9-H11-N-O5; CID66097; ZINC00056870; 4, 5-Dimethoxy-2-nitrobenzyl alcohol; 2-nitro-4,5-dimethoxybenzyl alcohol; ACN-026490; R214; 4,5-Dimethoxy-2-nitrobenzyl alcohol, 98% - 25G 25g; 3,4-Dimethoxy-6-nitrobenzyl alcohol; MFCD00014701; (4,5-dimethoxy-2-nitrophenyl)methan-1-ol;

Keywords: 1016-58-6,MFCD00014701,1P0005ES,Benzenemethanol, 4,5-dimethoxy-2-nitro-,C9H11NO5

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