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Methanone, (3-bromophenyl)phenyl-




Molecular Formula:C13H9BrO

Molecular Weight:261.1140

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 3-Bromobenzophenone; 1016-77-9; EINECS 213-808-5; 3-bromobenzoylbenzene; ACMC-20an8e; AC1L2EBN; 3-bromobenzophenone,97%; 3-bromophenylphenyl ketone; 3-bromophenylphenylmethanone; 3-Bromobenzophenone, 98%; AC1Q5DA8; 3'-BROMOBENZOPHENONE; (3-bromophenyl)(phenyl)methanone; salor-int l169765-1ea; SCHEMBL40538; Phenyl(3-bromophenyl) ketone; Jsp000235; CTK4A0094; DTXSID10144045; Methanone,(3-bromophenyl)phenyl-; XNUMUNIJQMSNNN-UHFFFAOYSA-N; (3-Bromo-phenyl)-phenyl-methanone; ART-CHEM-BB ACB001038; Methanone, (3-bromophenyl)phenyl-; AC1Q2530; ACN-S003117; ZINC2004510; 0438AA; AKOS009338860; AS01185; TRA0053233; VZ26495; KS-00000C23; AJ-32436; m-bromobenzophenone; AK-48845; AN-48325; CJ-07333; CJ-30980; CS-11231; SC-54149; SY011167; AB0051763; TC-169781; FT-0602307; (3-bromophenyl)phenylmethanone; ST24034334; A19533; Z-4112; MFCD00672015 (97+%); 016B779; W-108907; I01-18611; Z1741964685; C13H9BrO; C13-H9-Br-O; (3-bromophenyl)-phenylmethanone; AIDS017954; KST-1A0363; CID70548; AR-1A4105; 3-Bromobenzophenone, 97% - 1G 1g; 10223-91-3; (3-bromophenyl)-phenyl-methanone; MFCD00672015; bromobenzophenone,m-;

Keywords: 1016-77-9,MFCD00672015,1P0005EQ,Methanone, (3-bromophenyl)phenyl-,C13H9BrO

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