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3-Pyridinamine, 2-phenyl-




Molecular Formula:C11H10N2

Molecular Weight:170.2105

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 2-phenylpyridin-3-amine; 3-Amino-2-phenylpyridine; 2-Phenylpyridine-3-ylamine; AC1MC7C2; ACMC-1C3K2; XTHJCITVHCRQRD-UHFFFAOYA; (3-Aminopyridin-2-yl)benzene; SCHEMBL3027615; AMPD00282; KS-00000JYB; DTXSID90376448; XTHJCITVHCRQRD-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 101601-80-3; ANW-14493; MFCD04114113; SBB051877; ZINC12647692; AKOS006343952; AB17894; AM86053; MCULE-2410574103; PS-4930; RP23257; 2-phenyl-3-aminopyridine; RTR-000404; VP14461; AJ-62672; AK-25250; AN-34238; CJ-14177; TR-000404; FT-0659913; ST50949491; Z6363; 3-Pyridinamine, 2-phenyl-; A-4117; 601A803; A800413; I14-3646; J-511557; InChI=1/C11H10N2/c12-10-7-4-8-13-11(10)9-5-2-1-3-6-9/h1-8H,12H2; C11H10N2; CID2762784; 2-phenyl-3-pyridylamine; aminophenylpyridine; PubChem9598; 2-phenyl-3-pyridinamine; 2-phenyl-3-pyridinylamine;

Keywords: 101601-80-3,MFCD04114113,1P0005FF,3-Pyridinamine, 2-phenyl-,C11H10N2

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