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Carbonic acid, 1-chloroethyl 4-nitrophenyl ester




Molecular Formula:C9H8ClNO5

Molecular Weight:245.6165

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 101623-69-2; 1-chloroethyl (4-nitrophenyl) Carbonate; DTXSID20441476; DXVQFTPXVZUWIF-UHFFFAOYSA-N; CS-M3307; KS-00000SH5; MFCD19441847; 1-Chloroethyl p-Nitrophenyl Carbonate; 1-Chloroethyl=4-nitrophenyl=carbonate; AKOS024259015; alpha-chloroethyl 4-nitrophenyl carbonate; AS-10733; 1-chloroethyl 4-nitrophenyl carbonate; alpha-chloroethyl para-nitrophenyl Carbonate; ST2403409; J3.610.296I; Z-8113; Carbonic acid,4-nitrophenyl ester 1-chloroethyl ester; CID10538354; Carbonic acid, 1-chloroethyl 4-nitrophenyl ester; Carbonic acid 4-nitro-phenyl ester 1-chloro-ethyl ester; AK158831; AN-584/43503106; ACMC-20m4nr; SCHEMBL27126; CTK0G8080;

Keywords: 101623-69-2,MFCD19441847,1P0005GY,Carbonic acid, 1-chloroethyl 4-nitrophenyl ester,C9H8ClNO5

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