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Boronic acid, B-(2-fluoro-3-iodophenyl)-




Molecular Formula:C6H5BFIO2

Molecular Weight:265.8166

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 2-Fluoro-3-iodophenylboronic acid; 1016231-39-2; KS-00000J5G; ANW-14496; MFCD05664305; AKOS015854336; ZINC169747984; AB22344; CS-W009448; FCH1376775; FLUORO-3-IODOPHENYLBORONIC ACID; RL00083; (2-Fluoro-3-iodophenyl)boronic acid; RTR-000407; TRA0064913; VB10280; BC001120; DS-14458; PC412033; SY104745; AX8196245; DB-021065; TR-000407; BORONIC ACID, B-(2-FLUORO-3-IODOPHENYL)-; C2455; FT-0653006; ST24033892; Y3525; MFCD05664305 (95%); A19529; Q-8836; I04-0693; J-509370; C6H5BFIO2; AK-54284; ACN-046547; 121071-71-4; ACMC-2097w2; SCHEMBL3319704; 2-Fluoro-3-iodophenylboronicacid; CTK4A0024; DTXSID60584396;

Keywords: 1016231-39-2,MFCD05664305,1P0005GR,Boronic acid, B-(2-fluoro-3-iodophenyl)-,C6H5BFIO2

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