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Pyridazine, 3-ethynyl-




Molecular Formula:C6H4N2

Molecular Weight:104.1094

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 3-ethynylpyridazine; 1017793-08-6; PB34819; KS-0000031Q; AK170326; AS-33482; ST1130893; CS-0051373; Q-3832; 3-ETHYNYL-PYRIDAZINE; Pyridazine, 3-ethynyl-; 3-Ethynylpyridazine_x000D_; SCHEMBL2521413; MFCD16988473; ZINC35569295; AKOS015967513; FCH1155921;

Keywords: 1017793-08-6,MFCD16988473,1P00060E,Pyridazine, 3-ethynyl-,C6H4N2

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  • 3-Ethynylpyridazine is a compound with various applications in chemical synthesis, owing to its unique structure and reactivity. Here are some of its key applications:
    1. **Heterocyclic Chemistry**: 3-Ethynylpyridazine serves as a versatile building block in heterocyclic chemistry. It can undergo various cyclization reactions to form fused heterocyclic compounds, which are important motifs in medicinal chemistry, agrochemistry, and materials science. These heterocycles often exhibit diverse biological activities and can serve as precursors for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and functional materials.
    2. **Click Chemistry**: 3-Ethynylpyridazine is commonly used as an alkyne component in click chemistry reactions, particularly in copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC) reactions. Click chemistry provides a rapid and efficient way to construct complex molecular architectures. By coupling 3-ethynylpyridazine with azide-containing compounds under mild reaction conditions, various triazole derivatives can be synthesized with high yields.
    3. **Functionalization Reactions**: The ethynyl group in 3-Ethynylpyridazine provides a handle for further functionalization via palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions, such as Sonogashira coupling or Heck coupling. These reactions allow the introduction of a wide range of functional groups onto the pyridazine scaffold, enabling the synthesis of structurally diverse compounds for various applications.
    4. **Material Science**: 3-Ethynylpyridazine and its derivatives may find applications in materials science for the synthesis of organic semiconductors, liquid crystals, and functional materials. The conjugated pi-system of 3-Ethynylpyridazine makes it suitable for incorporation into the molecular structure of materials, imparting specific electronic, optical, or mechanical properties.
    5. **Biomedical Research**: 3-Ethynylpyridazine derivatives have been explored for their potential applications in biomedical research. They may serve as fluorescent probes, imaging agents, or drug candidates due to their unique chemical and physical properties. By functionalizing 3-Ethynylpyridazine with targeting moieties or bioactive motifs, selective interactions with biological targets can be achieved for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.
    Overall, 3-Ethynylpyridazine offers diverse applications in heterocyclic chemistry, click chemistry, functionalization reactions, material science, and biomedical research, making it a valuable compound in chemical synthesis and related fields.

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