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Pyridine, 2,5-difluoro-4-iodo-




Molecular Formula:C5H2F2IN

Molecular Weight:240.9774

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 2,5-DIFLUORO-4-IODOPYRIDINE; 1017793-20-2; KS-00000DCV; Pyridine,2,5-difluoro-4-iodo-; DTXSID40692903; OBVRKNZQNKGNTQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N; Pyridine, 2,5-difluoro-4-iodo-; BCP14926; ANW-14530; BBL102442; MFCD11040606; QC-225; 2,5-difluoro-4-iodo-pyridine; STL556244; ZINC35569354; AKOS015853520; FCH1401566; PC53341; AC-25104; AJ-91452; AN-25997; CJ-18759; DS-16884; AK-68250; SY030496; AB0060793; AX8213074; DB-083251; TR-000439; CS-0005562; FT-0682849; Z6412; MFCD11040606 (95%); B-6263; PubChem22303; 793D202; I02-4784; I02-5808; C5H2F2IN; Difluoro-4-iodopyridine; ACMC-2097x0; BYS118; SCHEMBL2016623; CTK4A0255;

Keywords: 1017793-20-2,MFCD11040606,1P000617,Pyridine, 2,5-difluoro-4-iodo-,C5H2F2IN

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