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Nitric acid, zinc salt, hydrate (2:1:6)




Molecular Formula:H12N2O12Zn

Molecular Weight:297.4815

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Synonyms: zinc nitrate; zinc nitrate hexahydrate; ACMC-1BZDD; N2O6Zn.6H2O; KSC176G7T; CTK0H6379; JGPSMWXKRPZZRG-UHFFFAOYSA-N; KS-00000VD4; AKOS025243499; RTR-000465; TRA0085159; Zinc nitrate hexahydrate, Puratronic(R); zinc nitrate, (65)Zn-labeled; SC-79313; Zinc nitrate hexahydrate, p.a., 98.0%; Zinc nitrate hexahydrate, purum, >=98%; zinc, ion (zn2+) hexahydrate dinitronate; Nitric acid, zinc salt, hydrate (2:1:6); TR-000465; FT-0675909; X5841; Zinc nitrate hexahydrate, 99% (metals basis); Zinc nitrate hexahydrate, reagent grade, 98%; Zinc nitrate hexahydrate; J-000528; Zinc nitrate hexahydrate, SAJ first grade, >=95.0%; Zinc nitrate hexahydrate, purum p.a., crystallized, >=99.0% (KT); Zinc dinitrate; ZINC NITRATE; Dusicnan zinecnaty; Nitrate de zinc hexahydrat; Dusicnan zinecnaty [Czech]; Zink(II)-nitrat 6-Hydrat; Zink(II)-nitrat Hexahydrat; 10196-18-6; N2O6.Zn.6H2O; CCRIS 8894; N2-O6.Zn.6H2-O; Nitric acid, zinc salt, hexahydrate; Zinc(II) nitrate, hexahydrate (1:2:6); Zinc Nitrate (Hexahydrate) 98% AR 500gm; Zinc Nitrate (Hexahydrate) extra pure 96% 500gm; Zinc nitrate hexahydrate, 99% trace metals basis 500g; MFCD00149889; Zinc nitrate hexahydrate, 98%, extra pure; zinc(II) nitrate hexahydrate; zinc(II) nitrte; Zincnitratehexahydrate;

Keywords: 10196-18-6,MFCD00011293,1P0006K8,Nitric acid, zinc salt, hydrate (2:1:6),H12N2O12Zn

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