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1-Dodecanamine, N,N-didodecyl-




Molecular Formula:C36H75N

Molecular Weight:521.9874

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: tri-n-dodecylamine; tri-n-dodecylamine hydrochloride; N,N-Didodceyl-1-dodecanamine; N,N-Didodecyl-1-dodecanamine; N,N-didodecyldodecan-1-amine; UNII-SF36T21U17; Hydrogen ionophore I; Armeen 3-12; EINECS 203-063-4; MFCD00008971; NSC 35134; SWZDQOUHBYYPJD-UHFFFAOYSA-N; Tridodecylamine; SF36T21U17; Tridodecylamine, 90%; Tri-dodecyl amine; Proton ionophore I; AC1L1P6P; AC1Q4TZ9; ACMC-1C04W; DSSTox_CID_27056; DSSTox_RID_82073; TRIDODECYLAMINE, TECH; Trilaurylamine; 1-Dodecanamine,N-didodecyl-; DSSTox_GSID_47056; SCHEMBL36270; CHEMBL3183789; DTXSID8047056; CTK3J0365; KS-00000UVQ; N,N-Didodecyl-1-dodecanamine #; CHEBI:134485; NSC35134; 102-87-4; ZINC6920411; N,N-Didodecyl-1-dodecanamine, 9CI; Tox21_300664; Tridodecylamine, >=97.0% (GC); 6984AF; ANW-14756; NSC-35134; AKOS015915174; LS-3132; MCULE-9599550175; Tri-n-dodecylamine; RTR-031990; TRA0043904; Tridodecylamine, technical grade, 85%; NCGC00248132-01; NCGC00254572-01; AN-24618; CAS-102-87-4; CC-35309; SC-94976; TR-031990; Alamine 304; FT-0631551; C-28183; I14-6852; J-000827; Hydrogen ionophore I, Selectophore(TM), function tested; tridodecylamin-; 1-(Didodecylamino)dodekan; C36H75N; 1-Dodecanamine, N ,N -didodecyl-; CID7624; Tridodecyl amine; AR-1L7531; C36-H75-N; Tridodecylamine (hydrogen ionophore I); Tridodecylamine, 95% - 100G 100g; T0634; T3519; Tridodecylamine; (Alamine 304; N,N-didodecyl-1-dodecanamine); Trododecylamine; (Alamine 304; N,N-didodecyl-1-dodecanamine); 10340-99-5; Adogen 360; 1-Dodecanamine, N,N-didodecyl-;

Keywords: 102-87-4,MFCD00008971,1P0006PZ,1-Dodecanamine, N,N-didodecyl-,C36H75N

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