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Naphthalene, 2-bromo-3-iodo-




Molecular Formula:C10H6BrI

Molecular Weight:332.9631

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 2-bromo-3-iodonaphthalene; 102153-44-6; 7602AC; ZINC49582099; AKOS015835915; RTR-000564; DB-058768; TR-000564; BB 0260608; FT-0677514; I14-26257; C10H6BrI; Naphthalene,2-bromo-3-iodo-; 3-bromo-2-iodo-naphthalene; CB10892; CID11174977; A1796; Z-1819; ACMC-1BNRJ; 2-bromo-3-iodo-naphthalene; SCHEMBL734973; Naphthalene, 2-bromo-3-iodo-; CTK4A0741; DTXSID30457760; QDLAABKFYZVHOW-UHFFFAOYSA-N;

Keywords: 102153-44-6,MFCD06656515,1P00077P,Naphthalene, 2-bromo-3-iodo-,C10H6BrI

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