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Boronic acid, [3-(aminocarbonyl)-5-nitrophenyl]- (9CI)




Molecular Formula:C7H7BN2O5

Molecular Weight:209.9519

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 102170-51-4; (3-Carbamoyl-5-nitrophenyl)boronic acid; DTXSID00657437; ZX-AT002657; ANW-14659; MFCD07783870; OR9423; AKOS015854503; ZINC169745511; 3-Carbamoyl-5-nitrobenzeneboronic acid; CC-2087; PS-9587; 3-Aminocarbonyl-5-nitrophenylboronic acid; RTR-000566; VB10614; CC-14577; AX8004722; DB-015992; TR-000566; FT-0642473; ST24034340; Z6510; A-3682; 3-carbamoyl-5-nitrophenylboronic acid; C-10779; I04-2907; Boronic acid,[3-(aminocarbonyl)-5-nitrophenyl]-(9ci); Boronic acid, [3-(aminocarbonyl)-5-nitrophenyl]- (9CI); ACN-032638; 3-(Aminocarbonyl)-5-nitrobenzeneboronic acid; Boronic acid, [3-(aminocarbonyl)-5-nitrophenyl]-(9CI); C7H7BN2O5; ACMC-20980l; SCHEMBL3319951; CTK4A0759;

Keywords: 102170-51-4,MFCD07783870,1P00078W,Boronic acid, [3-(aminocarbonyl)-5-nitrophenyl]- (9CI),C7H7BN2O5

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