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Benzoic acid, 4-(4-morpholinylsulfonyl)-




Molecular Formula:C11H13NO5S

Molecular Weight:271.2896

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 4-(Morpholine-4-sulfonyl)-benzoic acid; 10252-82-1; AC1Q6VL1; Cambridge id 5156995; Oprea1_023852; Oprea1_765390; CBDivE_003724; AC1Q737B; SCHEMBL1832768; CTK4A1173; DTXSID20339884; ZINC225556; 4-(morpholinosulfonyl)benzoic acid; 4-(Morpholinosulphonyl)benzoic acid; ALBB-012767; BBL008251; MFCD00441966; SBB012154; STK164567; AKOS000112052; MCULE-4416426618; 4-(4-morpholinylsulfonyl)-benzoic acid; 4-(4-Morpholinylsulfonyl)benzoic acid #; 4-(morpholine-4-sulfonyl)benzoic acid; Benzoic acid,4-(4-morpholinylsulfonyl)-; BAS 00435808; BS-14099; AB0153196; ST4019270; TR-000623; BB 0218016; EU-0017655; FT-0677077; EN300-00395; 4-(morpholin-4-ylsulfonyl)benzoic acid; Z-2068; AB00074678-01; 252M821; 4-(4-Morpholinylsulfonyl)benzoic acid, AldrichCPR; SR-01000512070; SR-01000512070-1; I01-16038; Z53036611; F0146-0014; F1386-0329; Benzoic acid, 4-(4-morpholinylsulfonyl)-; A0918/0042946; AR-1F7157; CID559416; 112859-74-2; IGXVSENNUSQCOL-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 4-morpholin-4-ylsulfonylbenzoic acid; p-(Morpholinosulfonyl)benzoic acid; AC1LBKAE;

Keywords: 10252-82-1,MFCD00441966,1P000848,Benzoic acid, 4-(4-morpholinylsulfonyl)-,C11H13NO5S

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