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Piperidine, 4-phenyl-, hydrochloride (1:1)




Molecular Formula:C11H16ClN

Molecular Weight:197.7044

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 4-phenylpiperidine hydrochloride; 10272-49-8; PubChem24250; AC1Q38TA; AC1L33K1; AC1Q38T4; SCHEMBL1481633; Jsp000302; 4-phenyl-piperidin hydrochloride; CTK7D1448; KS-00000KYI; DTXSID20145467; 4-Phenylpiperidinium chloride; UPZJLQCUYUTZIE-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ANW-54378; CP-062; MFCD01632527; RW1111; 4-phenyl-piperidine hydrochloride salt; AKOS015897961; AC-1948; CS-W001274; MCULE-2490939917; 4-Phenyl-piperidine hydrochloride; AK-44860; AN-14420; BC208602; DS-13410; SC-20569; AB0061732; AB1001323; ST2418530; TC-143123; FT-0687364; 4-PHENYL-PIPERIDINE HCL; Z3814; EN300-28898; Piperidine, 4-phenyl-, hydrochloride (1:1); A26724; M-9649; SR-01000514382; I12-0453; SR-01000514382-1; Z235351197; 4-Phenylpiperidinium chloride;4-Phenylpiperdine HCL;4-Phenylpiperdine hydrochloride; 4-phenylpiperidine hcl; null; C11H16ClN; C11-H15-N.Cl-H; CID82509; AR-1G4435; ACN-037839; 10326-73-5; 771-99-3; 4-Phenyl piperidine hydrochloride; CHEMBL2011546; 4-phenylpiperidinehydrochloride; EINECS 233-617-0;

Keywords: 10272-49-8,MFCD01632527,1P0008OF,Piperidine, 4-phenyl-, hydrochloride (1:1),C11H16ClN

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