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2-Chloroacetimidamide hydrochloride




Molecular Formula:C2H6Cl2N2

Molecular Weight:128.9884

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 10300-69-3; Chloroacetamidine hydrochloride; MFCD00053013; chloroacetamidinehcl; EINECS 233-675-7; Chloroacetamidine HCl; AC1MCRCP; AI3-51325; AC1Q3CRI; buttpark 44\03-88; C2H6Cl2N2; Chloracetamidine hydrochloride; 2-Chloroacetimidamide hydrochloride; SCHEMBL354889; 2-chloroethanamidine, chloride; CHEMBL2323294; CTK3J2842; KS-00000MZI; 2-chlororacetamidine hydrochloride; DTXSID50145612; monochloroacetamidine hydrochloride; GUPOZVHRTJYZCX-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 2-Chloro-acetamidine hydrochloride; 2-chloroethanimidamide hydrochloride; ACT04646; alpha-chloroacetamidine hydrochloride; NSC62189; 0665AB; Chloroacetamidine hydrochloride, 97%; NSC-62189; SBB056491; AKOS008078984; AB02229; CS-W000829; 2-chloroacetamidine hydrochloride; MCULE-1495198330; RL02579; RTR-000697; AK113548; CS-10208; SC-62614; SC-69732; AB0001655; DB-040405; ST2416799; 2-Chloroacetamidine HCl; TR-000697; A1840; C3265; FT-0623620; EN300-25469; K-0339; J-000855; J-509021; I14-27918; F8887-7255; 2-Chloroacetamidine monohydrochloride; 2-chloro-acetamidine; C2H5ClN2.ClH; C2-H5-Cl-N2.Cl-H; ACN-051510; CID2776957; 20846-52-0; 2-chloroacetamidinehydrochloride; Ethanimidamide, 2-chloro-, monohydrochloride;

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