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5-Methyloxazole-4-carboxylic acid




Molecular Formula:C5H5NO3

Molecular Weight:127.0981

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 103879-58-9; 5-methyloxazole-4-carboxylic acid; SCHEMBL439721; CTK0H2506; KS-00000DLW; 5-Methyloxazole-4-carboxylicAcid; DTXSID50463242; 5-methyl-4-oxazolecarboxylic acid; QIACATCUODRSLS-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 4-Carboxy-5-methyl-1,3-oxazole; ALBB-022765; EBD46867; 5-methyl-1,3-oxazole-4-carboxylic Acid; ZINC4960920; ANW-50815; BBL100276; SBB053173; STL553841; AKOS001836446; CM-1525; DS-0303; MCULE-6634738672; PS-5718; 4-Oxazolecarboxylic acid, 5-methyl-; RP00836; RTC-069188; TRA0047229; AJ-52681; AK-24069; BC650836; BR-24069; SC-49411; SY015419; AB0034515; 5-methyloxazole-4-carboxylic ac; DB-032179; ST2412106; TC-069188; 4CH-006661; AM20070688; FT-0647794; X8680; EN300-54040; C-1837; MFCD08056309 (97+%); 4-Oxazolecarboxylicacid, 5-methyl-; H112388; I14-8437; W-204515; (EO(1/4)A)5-Methyl-1,3-oxazole-4-carboxylic acid; 5-methyl-1,3-oxazole-4-carboxylic acid, AldrichCPR; F8889-3086; Z815264260; C5H5NO3; 5-Methyl-oxazole-4-carboxylic acid; 5-Methyl-4-oxazolecarboxylicacid; MFCD08056309; ACN-039272; CID11355484; 1,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrazole-3-carbohydrazide; 5-methyloxazole-4-carboxylic acid, 95% - 1G 1g; 5-Methyl-1,3-oxazole-4-carboxylic acid, 95%; ACMC-209zwx; AC1Q2FNH;

Keywords: 103879-58-9,MFCD01543374,1P003ND2,5-Methyloxazole-4-carboxylic acid,C5H5NO3

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