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Molecular Formula:C7H4BrFN2

Molecular Weight:215.0225

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: S 7020; S-7020; AMOT0031; CTK4A3804; DTXSID10676896; ZNNFNEIFQIAWNY-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ACT04833; CS-D1263; ANW-48278; MFCD11044589; WT1263; ZINC66054631; SYTOX Green; AKOS015898441; CB-3837; GS-3897; PB31522; QC-5073; RP26857; TRA0046217; AC-28254; AK-31636; BR-31636; 5-BROMO-6-FLUORO-1H-INDAZOLE; CJ-21241; SC-36031; SY020768; AB0034584; AJ-115685; DB-029095; ST2411863; TC-137023; 4CH-001960; AM20020153; 105391-70-6; FT-0709859; X8760; S-7020; 105391-70-6 5-bromo-6-fluoro-1H-indazole; MFCD11044589 (97+%); 391B706; I10-0408; J-517124; C7H4BrFN2; 1H-INDAZOLE, 5-BROMO-6-FLUORO-; 1H-Indazole,5-bromo-6-fluoro-; 5-BROMO-6-FLUOROINDAZOLE; ACMC-209xyg; SCHEMBL828690;

Keywords: 105391-70-6,MFCD11044589,1P003N0D,5-Bromo-6-fluoro-1H-indazole,C7H4BrFN2

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