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Methyl icosanoate




Molecular Formula:C21H42O2

Molecular Weight:326.5570

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Synonyms: Methyl arachidate; 1120-28-1; 0ZH75194U0; Methyl arachidate, 99%; Arachidic acid methylester; MethylArachidate; Methyl aracidate; EINECS 214-304-8; Methyl icosanoate #; Icosanoic acid methyl; Kemester 2050; AI3-36455; Methyl icosanoate; Eicosanic acid methyl ester; Eicosanoic acid, methylester; Eicosanoic acid-methyl ester; Icosanoic Acid Methyl Ester; SCHEMBL586921; ACMC-2099c8; AC1L23G8; DTXSID2061515; CTK0H6509; CHEBI:143582; Arachidic acid methyl ester; QGBRLVONZXHAKJ-UHFFFAOYSA-N; KS-000011RE; ZX-AT015888; ANW-16374; ZINC70455484; Methyl arachidate, analytical standard; AKOS015904080; CS-W004291; MCULE-1741761685; OR30638; Eicosanoic acid, methyl ester; RTR-002353; AS-49345; CC-24172; Eicosanoic acid methyl ester (FAME MIX); SC-25410; SY048228; DB-041032; Methyl arachidate, >=99% (capillary GC); TR-002353; A0900; Methyl arachisate; FT-0622455; X3547; MFCD00009014 (97%); C-28215; J-002693; I14-17874; 4B020CF8-8307-42EE-AE7F-95190AB03DFA; Methyl eicosenate; Methyl eicosanoate, 98% 1g; C21H42O2; METHYL EICOSANOATE; CID14259; C21-H42-O2; MFCD00009014; Eicosanoic Acid Methyl Ester; UNII-0ZH75194U0;

Keywords: 1120-28-1,MFCD00009014,1P003ODY,Methyl icosanoate,C21H42O2

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