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Benzenamine, 4,6-dibromo-2,3-dichloro-




Molecular Formula:C6H3Br2Cl2N

Molecular Weight:319.8087

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 4,6-Dibromo-2,3-dichloroaniline; 113571-15-6; ZINC159431; 9077AC; STL089379; 4,6-dibromo-2,3-dichlorophenylamine; AKOS000113918; 4,6-Dibromo-2,3-dichloro-phenylamine; MCULE-1623535324; VZ27600; Benzenamine,4,6-dibromo-2,3-dichloro-; 4,6-Dibromo-2,3-dichloroaniline, 97%; MFCD00052815; Benzenamine, 4,6-dibromo-2,3-dichloro-; PS-10165; ZB007244; DB-041177; RT-019938; BB 0244114; FT-0617232; ST50408569; 4,6-bis(bromanyl)-2,3-bis(chloranyl)aniline; A803071; ACMC-20amrl; J-002996; I14-102496; ZINC00159431; CID2776953; AC1MCRCL; C6H3Br2Cl2N; SCHEMBL17183958; CTK4A8371; DTXSID30380307; IPWGDMQXLGFBLC-UHFFFAOYSA-N;

Keywords: 113571-15-6,MFCD00052815,1P0009I8,Benzenamine, 4,6-dibromo-2,3-dichloro-,C6H3Br2Cl2N

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