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Phenol, 2,3,6-trifluoro-




Molecular Formula:C6H3F3O

Molecular Weight:148.0826

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 2,3,6-Trifluorophenol; 113798-74-6; Phenol,2,3,6-trifluoro-; SCHEMBL78147; 2,3,6-tris(fluoranyl)phenol; 2,3,6-Trifluorophenol 98%; 2,3,6-Trifluorophenol, 98%; CTK4A8450; DTXSID00333764; PC7817D; ZINC389657; JRD-0376; Phenol, 2,3,6-trifluoro-; ZX-AP002396; 9094AC; CT-050; FCH931564; SBB086568; AKOS006222973; RTR-002632; VZ22171; KS-000017T3; AJ-20895; MFCD00061214; AK135639; AN-33373; BP-10565; CC-06760; PS-10214; ZB011810; AX8003183; DB-027532; TR-002632; FT-0609486; QSFGUSFDWCVXNR-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ST50824113; C-5562; 798T746; A803096; C-02591; I01-3037; J-003025; C6H3F3O; 2,3,6-Trifluorophenol, 98% 1g; CID517988; ACMC-20aoho; ZINC00389657; Phenol, 2,3,6-trifluoro- (9CI); 2,3,6-Trifluorophenol, 98% - 1G 1g; T3129; PubChem1504; AC1LAPRN; 2,3,6-trifluoro phenol; AC1Q78DC;

Keywords: 113798-74-6,MFCD00061214,1P000A5Y,Phenol, 2,3,6-trifluoro-,C6H3F3O

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