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Boronic acid, B-[4-chloro-3-(1-methylethoxy)phenyl]-




Molecular Formula:C9H12BClO3

Molecular Weight:214.4538

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 1256346-35-6; (4-Chloro-3-isopropoxyphenyl)boronic acid; ZINC169748016; ACN-046540; FCH1351948; DS-18074; OR360522; SY104681; AX8236156; TR-035206; ST24034660; X1872; 4-CHLORO-3-ISOPROPOXYPHENYLBORONIC ACID; MFCD17015746 (95%); B-2461; {4-Chloro-3-[(propan-2-yl)oxy]phenyl}boronic acid; I04-2488; Boronic acid, B-[4-chloro-3-(1-methylethoxy)phenyl]-; C9H12BClO3; (4-Chloro-3-isopropoxyphenyl)boronicacid; AK-85141; ACMC-209ax8; CTK4B4549; DTXSID00681671; ANW-18426; MFCD17015746; AKOS015850001;

Keywords: 1256346-35-6,MFCD17015746,1P000OJ1,Boronic acid, B-[4-chloro-3-(1-methylethoxy)phenyl]-,C9H12BClO3

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