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Calcium hydroxide




Molecular Formula:CaH2O2

Molecular Weight:74.0927

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 1305-62-0; Slaked lime; Kalziumhydroxid; D002126; 12001-27-3; 1305-78-8; 7719-01-9; Loeschkalk; Pickling lime; calciumdihydroxid; geloeschter Kalk; calcium dioxidanide; calcium(2+) hydroxide; Ca(OH)2; calcium(2+) bis(OH-); Calcium Hydroxide USP/FCC; Hydrated lime; AC1O1BK9; AC1Q22VO; AC1Q22VP; Calcium hydroxide ACS grade; ACMC-1BE91; KSC174O9N; CALCIUM HYDROXIDE, ACS; AC1L24J0; CHEMBL2106388; CTK0H4796; Calcium dihydroxide; AXCZMVOFGPJBDE-UHFFFAOYSA-L; Calcium Hydroxide Topical Solution; AKOS015903965; RL01433; RTR-004171; TRA-0207087; AN-48989; DB-023009; TR-004171; FT-0623399; calcium(II) hydroxide; C12277; J-005828; CALCIUM HYDROXIDE; Calcium hydrate; Hydralime; Lime hydrate; Lime milk; Kalkhydrate; Carboxide; Milk of lime; CHEBI:31341; Quicklime; Biocalc; Kemikal; Calbit; Calkyl; Calvit; Limbux; Kalsiumhydroksid; Lime; Caustic lime; Calcium Oxide, Hydrated; Super Microstar; Lime water; Bell mine; calciumdihydroxide; Calcium-hydroxide; Rhenofit CF; Yukijirushisakanyo; Agua de cal; Hydroxide, Calcium; Hydroxyde de calcium; Calcium hydroxide, 98%, extra pure; DOLOMITE; Dihydroxyde de calcium; Kentoku K 100; Caswell No. 144; SODA LIME; UNII-PF5DZW74VN; Caldic 1000; Calcium hydroxide (ACN; CAH (CHRIS Code); Calcium hydroxide slurry; Calcium hydroxide, 95+%, ACS reagent; CaH2O2; Calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2); Calcium hydroxide [USP]; PF5DZW74VN; Ca-H2-O2; MFCD00010901; Calcium hydroxide - Total dust; CCRIS 9335; HSDB 919; Calcium hydroxide, 95% 250g; Calcium hydroxide, 99.995%, (trace metal basis); NICC 3000; Sa 074; EINECS 215-137-3; Lime Water Saturated Solution 500ml; Calcium hydroxide - Respirable fraction; CID6093208; EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 075601; Calcium Hydroxide 95% extra pure 500gm; AI3-02602; EC 215-137-3;

Keywords: 1305-62-0,MFCD00010901,1P003P4N,Calcium hydroxide,CaH2O2

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