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Molecular Formula:C4H11ClO2Sn

Molecular Weight:245.2829

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: Butylchlorodihydroxytin; 13355-96-9; EINECS 236-406-1; Butylchlorodihdroxytin; NSC 323990; butylchlorotindihydroxide; Butyl(chloro)stannanediol; butyldihydroxychlorostannane; butylchlorodihydroxy-stannan; SCHEMBL37214; butyl tin chloride dihydroxide; KSC492Q9D; Stannane, butylchlorodihydroxy-; DTXSID4044797; CTK3J2891; Butyltin chloride dihydroxide, 96%; KS-00000Z5N; MFCD00015822; NSC323990; AKOS015910163; ZINC169876280; NSC-323990; O678; Butylchlorotin dihydroxide; RT-001116; C-35344; I14-3131; C4-H11-Cl-O2-Sn; C(CCC)[Sn](Cl)(O)O; BUTYLTINCHLORIDEDIHYDROXIDE; CID83368; Butylchlorodihydroxystannane; butylchlorostannanediol; UNII-FWL74QMO8F; Butyltin chloride dihydroxide; FWL74QMO8F; C4H11ClO2Sn;

Keywords: 13355-96-9,MFCD00015822,1P003P2X,Butylchlorodihydroxytin,C4H11ClO2Sn

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