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Molecular Formula:C6H13N3O3

Molecular Weight:175.1857

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: D-Citrulline; 13594-51-9; D-Ornithine,N5-(aminocarbonyl)-; J-300336; W-204205; C6H13N3O3; d-citrullin; NSC-206276; Citrulline, D-; AC1LCUKE; PubChem17499; Z,D-CITRULLINE; H-D-Cit-OH; D-Citrulline, >=99.0%; SCHEMBL437142; GTPL4683; N5-(Aminocarbonyl)-D-ornithine; CHEBI:49007; CTK4C0068; DTXSID90348463; D-Ornithine, N5-(aminocarbonyl)-; ZINC2166829; ANW-19993; (R)-2-Amino-5-ureidopentanoic acid; MFCD00216469; AM82460; ACM13594520; AJ-33795; AS-12983; SC-10122; AB0012765; AB1007188; AX8031821; TC-108738; (2R)-2-amino-5-(carbamoylamino)pentanoic acid; FT-0659369; ST24035348; B-7191; 594C519; A807006; (2R)-5-(aminocarbonylamino)-2-azanyl-pentanoic acid; UNII-1OYO2NV4NM component RHGKLRLOHDJJDR-SCSAIBSYSA-N; citrulline; D-citrulline dihydrate; D-Cit-OH; D-Citruline; D0V2DT; CID637599; ACN-033815; CB11569; 372-75-8; H-D-Orn(carbamoyl)-OH; UNII-KNS2VUH6P2; KNS2VUH6P2; N(5)-carbamoyl-D-ornithine;

Keywords: 13594-51-9,MFCD00216469,1P003PPM,H-D-Cit-OH,C6H13N3O3

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