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Boronic acid, B-2-anthracenyl-




Molecular Formula:C14H11BO2

Molecular Weight:222.0469

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 141981-64-8; Anthracen-2-ylboronic Acid; 2-anthracenylboronicacid; ACMC-1CCUC; (2-Anthryl)boronic acid; Boronic acid,B-2-anthracenyl-; SCHEMBL1153498; CTK4C2882; DTXSID90431849; ANW-44646; MFCD07784001; boronic acid, 2-anthracenyl- (9ci); 2-Anthraceneboronic Acid; AKOS015899764; ZINC169746885; CA-1892; CS-W000871; GS-6458; LS11064; RL01746; TRA0096482; AM808129; AN-31666; 2-anthracenylboronic acid; BC000729; OR361687; SC-24695; AB0031131; AX8036972; DB-012342; ST2419099; TC-061012; 4CH-003076; FT-0686881; 2-anthrylboronic acid; X4069; A-2172; 981A648; I14-11850; C14H11BO2; ACN-032830; CID9855952; 2-Anthraceneboronic acid, 97% - 1G 1g; A1843; A3066; Boronic acid, 2-anthracenyl-; 100622-34-2; Boronic acid, B-2-anthracenyl-; (ANTHRACEN-2-YL)BORONIC ACID; AK-59344; 2-anthraceneboronic acid (contains varying amounts of anhydride);

Keywords: 141981-64-8,MFCD07784001,1P001HYO,Boronic acid, B-2-anthracenyl-,C14H11BO2

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