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Molecular Formula:C3H7NO2S

Molecular Weight:121.1582

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: Cyclopropanesulfonamide; 154350-29-5; cyclopropysulfonamide; Sulphamoylcyclopropane; cyclopropylsulphonamide; cyclopropyl-sulfonamide; cyclopropane-sulfonamide; cyclopropyl sulphonamide; PubChem10872; cyclopropane sulphonamide; ACMC-1BXRW; cyclopropanesulfonic amide; Cyclopropanesulfonyl amide; cyclopropane sulphonic amide; SCHEMBL8263; Cyclopropanesulfonamide, 97%; KSC174S1D; cyclo-propanesulfonic acid amide; cyclopropane sulfonic acid amide; Jsp003011; CTK0H4911; WMSPXQIQBQAWLL-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ACN-F000719; cyclopropanesulphonamide; ACN-S004149; ACT04799; CS-D1514; AC-296; ANW-50554; SBB069786; ZINC16123610; AKOS000283832; CC-1313; PS-9222; Cyclopropyl sulfonamide; RP19419; RP19420; RTR-035796; TRA0006636; Cyclopropanesulfonamide,sodium salt(1:1); AJ-68234; AK-23883; AN-15960; BC210428; BR-23883; Cyclopropane sulfonamide; CJ-15305; I429; SC-25360; SC-26544; SY004893; AB0013683; AB1000268; DB-007377; TL8006877; TR-035796; 154350-28-4; A3392; AM20080396; FT-0080391; FT-0603694; FT-0681920; ST24030289; EN300-84733; M-7674; 32546-EP2301933A1; 32546-EP2305695A2; Cyclopropanesulfonic acid amide; 32546-EP2305696A2; 32546-EP2305697A2; 32546-EP2305698A2; 32546-EP2311827A1; 79002-EP2305695A2; 79002-EP2305696A2; 79002-EP2305697A2; 79002-EP2305698A2; 79238-EP2305695A2; 79238-EP2305696A2; MFCD08705286; 79238-EP2305697A2; 79238-EP2305698A2; MFCD08705286 (97+%); 350C295; I05-0194; J-520190; J-640353; J-800356; I14-27350; Z1270790548; cyclopropylsufonamide; null; cyclopropylsulfonamide; C3H7NO2S; cyclopropanesulfonamide (9ci); 2-Bromo-5-chloro-3-picoline; ACN-034702; Cyclopropanesulfonamide, 98% - 1G 1g; (R)-(+)-1,2-EPOXY-5-HEXENE; C2628; C3368;

Keywords: 154350-29-5,MFCD08705286,1P003PNK,Cyclopropanesulfonamide,C3H7NO2S

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