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Acetonitrile, 2-(tributylphosphoranylidene)-




Molecular Formula:C14H28NP

Molecular Weight:241.3526

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 157141-27-0; Cyanomethylenetributylphosphorane; AC1NETMI; ACMC-209dfj; cyanomethylenetribuylphosphorane; SCHEMBL182256; Cyanomethylenetribuytlphosphorane; cyanomethylene tributylphosphorane; cyanomethylenetributyl-phosphorane; CTK3J3482; Cyanomethylene)tributylphosphorane; Cyano(tributylphosphonio)methanide; 2-(Tributylphosphoranylidene)acetonitrile; DTXSID90404992; cyanomethylene tributyl phosphorane; OZMLUMPWPFZWTP-UHFFFAOYSA-N; (cyano-methylene)tributylphosphorane; (cyanomethylene)-tributylphosphorane; KS-000013YE; cyanomethylene tri-n-butylphosphorane; cyanomethylene-tri-n-butylphosphorane; (tributylphosphoranyliden)acetonitrile; ANW-21677; (cyanomethylene)tributylphosphorane; MFCD01321151; cyanomethylene tri-n-butyl phosphorane; AKOS015836097; ZINC100009565; (Tributyl phosphoranylidene)acetonitrile; OR19490; RTR-006597; 2-(tributylphosphoranylidene) acetonitrile; SC-52546; 2-(tributyl-5-phosphanylidene)acetonitrile; cyanomethylenetri-n-butylphosphorane; 2-(tributyl-l5-phosphanylidene)acetonitrile; AB1011407; TR-006597; Acetonitrile, 2-(tributylphosphoranylidene)-; CS-0046100; (tributyl-lambda5-phosphanylidene)acetonitrile; (Tributyl-lambda5-phosphanylidene)-acetonitrile; (Tributyl-lambda-5-phosphanylidene)-acetonitrile; 2-(TRIBUTYL-??-PHOSPHANYLIDENE)ACETONITRILE; J-009383; (Tributylphosphoranylidene)acetonitrile; (Cyanomethylene)tributylphosphorane as 1M solution in Toluene; (Tributylphosphoranylidene)acetonitrile solution, 1 M in toluene; null; cyanomethyltributylphosphorane; CID4622928; C1500; Acetonitrile, (tributylphosphoranylidene)-; 2-(tributyl-; CMBP; 2-tributylphosphoranylideneacetonitrile;

Keywords: 157141-27-0,MFCD01321151,1P001PPC,Acetonitrile, 2-(tributylphosphoranylidene)-,C14H28NP

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  • Acetonitrile, 2-(tributylphosphoranylidene)-, also known as the Wittig reagent, is a powerful tool used in organic chemistry for the synthesis of alkenes through the Wittig reaction. This phosphonium ylide, when reacted with an aldehyde or ketone, can yield an alkene product with high specificity for the cis or trans configuration depending on reaction conditions. This specificity is a valuable attribute for synthesizing geometrically defined alkenes, which are important in various applications such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and materials science.
    The Wittig reaction proceeds through the formation of a phosphorane intermediate, which then undergoes a [2+2] cycloaddition with the carbonyl compound, leading to the formation of an oxaphosphetane intermediate. Finally, this intermediate collapses to give the desired alkene and triphenylphosphine oxide as a byproduct.
    The application of Acetonitrile, 2-(tributylphosphoranylidene)-, is not limited to simple alkene synthesis. It also finds utility in the preparation of more complex molecules where the introduction of a double bond is a key step in the synthetic route. It can be used to convert carbonyl groups into alkenes in the synthesis of natural products, polymers, and various other value-added organic compounds with double-bond functionality. Additionally, its use in total synthesis provides a robust method for constructing carbon-carbon double bonds, an essential feature in many organic structures.
    Overall, the application of Acetonitrile, 2-(tributylphosphoranylidene)- is a cornerstone in chemical synthesis, providing a dependable method for the construction of alkenes in a variety of synthetic routes.

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