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7-Bromo-3-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid




Molecular Formula:C11H7BrO3

Molecular Weight:267.0755

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 7-bromo-3-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid; 1779-11-9; NSC50692; 2-Naphthoic acid, 7-bromo-3-hydroxy-; ACMC-209eds; AC1Q5TTJ; 7-Bromo-3-hydroxy-naphthalene-2-carboxylicacid; AC1L2M1F; SCHEMBL358356; DTXSID9061960; CTK0H7593; KS-00000KYQ; 7-Bromo-3-hydroxy-naphthalene-2-carboxylic acid; XZWXQSGFZHRDNB-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ZINC157736; ACT06467; BCP26749; 6-bromo-2-hydroxy-3-naphthoic acid; ANW-22910; BDBM50421645; MFCD00137823; NSC-50692; AKOS005146451; 7-bromo-3-hydroxynaphthalene-2-carboxylic acid; AC-9214; AN-7232; CS-W008329; MCULE-4192153951; QC-1482; RTC-030099; SS-3555; AJ-15098; BC005135; BR-31907; 2-Naphthalenecarboxylic acid, 7-bromo-3-hydroxy-; AX8040362; DB-007129; ST2419027; TC-030099; 7-bromo-3-hydroxy-2-naphthalenecarboxylicaci; AM20030180; B3180; FT-0083495; FT-0651463; W3881; 6-Bromo-2-naphthol-3-carboxylic Acid; 3-hydroxy-7-bromonaphthalene-2-carboxylic acid; S-5692; 2-Naphthalenecarboxylicacid, 7-bromo-3-hydroxy-; 779B119; 7-bromo-3-hydroxy-naphthalene-2-carboxylic acid ,97%; I14-10293; 7-bromo-3-hydroxy-naphthalene-2-carboxylic acid, AldrichCPR; 7-Bromo-3-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid, >=98.0% (HPLC), 98.0-102.0 wt. % (AT); C11H7BrO3; CHEMBL123609; 6-bromo-2-hydroxy naphthalene-3-carboxylic acid; C11-H7-Br-O3; CID74503; AR-1H3198; A13477; 7-Bromo-3-hydroxy-naphthalene-2-carboxylic acid, 97% - 1G 1g; 18174-13-5; 7-Bromo-3-hydroxy-2-naphthalenecarboxylic acid; AK-31907; 6-Bromo-2-hydroxynaphthalene-3-carboxylic acid;

Keywords: 1779-11-9,MFCD00137823,1P003NUD,7-Bromo-3-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid,C11H7BrO3

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