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4-Propoxyphenylboronic acid




Molecular Formula:C9H13BO3

Molecular Weight:180.0087

UN Number:

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Synonyms: 4-Propoxyphenylboronic acid; 186497-67-6; Boronic acid, (4-propoxyphenyl)-; PubChem9546; AC1NARFZ; ACMC-1C1FH; 4-propoxyphenyl boronic acid; 4-Propoxy-phenylboronic acid; KSC493A5R; 4-propoxy-phenyl-boronic acid; SCHEMBL257577; CTK3J3058; (4-propoxyphenyl)boronic Acid; KS-00000ARC; DTXSID80403479; SOKFEJKZYHYKSY-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ACN-S004025; ANW-23283; CP-337; FC0732; SBB071270; AKOS004116396; ZINC169745137; 4-propoxybenzeneboronic acid; AB15054; RL02370; RTR-008609; TRA0009509; VB10380; B-(4-PROPOXYPHENYL)BORONIC ACID; AK-33854; AN-30361; AS-14926; BC001038; 4-n-Propoxyphenylboronic acid; FS011455; N202; SY017566; AB0015620; AB1004694; DB-029003; TL8001508; TR-008609; FT-0647427; P1968; (4-Propyloxyphenyl)boronic acid; ST24043995; MFCD03427189 (96%); A-9049; 497P676; A813040; I04-0797; J-502753; J-515968; C9H13BO3; 4-(n-Propoxy)benzeneboronic acid; MFCD03427189; CID4456490; [4-(3-hydroxypropyl)phenyl]boronic Acid; 4-Propoxyphenylboronic acid, 98% - 1G 1g; 4-Propoxyphenylboronic acid (contains varying amounts of anhydride); 4-n-Propoxybenzeneboronic acid; 4-PROPOXYPHENYLBORONICACID; P-PROPOXYPHENYLBORONIC ACID;

Keywords: 186497-67-6,MFCD03427189,1P003MGP,4-Propoxyphenylboronic acid,C9H13BO3

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