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4-Nitrophenyl formate




Molecular Formula:C7H5NO4

Molecular Weight:167.1189

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 4-Nitrophenyl formate; 1865-01-6; EINECS 217-473-6; NSC 154301; AC1L2MBC; ACMC-1BTY1; AC1Q6QX0; SCHEMBL8433; Formic acid,4-nitrophenyl ester; CHEMBL3272659; DTXSID8062026; CTK4D9257; p-Nitrophenyl formate; formic acid 4-nitro-phenyl ester; ZINC1564798; FCH917340; NSC154301; SBB008045; AKOS006230573; AKOS015892830; MCULE-1363454403; NSC-154301; VZ35549; Formic acid, 4-nitrophenyl ester; AN-50008; CC-20151; SC 154301; TR-008612; 4-Nitrophenyl formate, >=97.0% (HPLC); FT-0619255; ST50407811; 865N016; C-34238; J-011970; Formic acid 4-nitrophenyl ester; I04-10120; C7-H5-N-O4; CID74628; AR-1G4053; 19056-82-7; (4-nitrophenyl) formate; Formic acid, p-nitrophenyl ester; IEXRKQFZXJSHOB-UHFFFAOYSA-N; MFCD00014713; FR-0800;

Keywords: 1865-01-6,MFCD00014713,1P003MCN,4-Nitrophenyl formate,C7H5NO4

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