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Thiophene-2-boronic acid, propanediol cyclic ester




Molecular Formula:C7H9BO2S

Molecular Weight:168.0212

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 2-(THIOPHEN-2-YL)-1,3,2-DIOXABORINANE; 197024-83-2; ZINC169747447; RTR-009140; 1,3,2-Dioxaborinane, 2-(2-thienyl)-; OR361652; AX8229790; ST2404076; TR-009140; X0602; B-7674; Thiophene-2-boronic acid, propanediol cyclic ester; ACMC-209f0r; I14-25529; C7H9BO2S; SCHEMBL11958367; CTK4E2092; DTXSID60674620; ANW-23737; FCH888009; MFCD11053858; AKOS006308401;

Keywords: 197024-83-2,MFCD11053858,1P003FLN,Thiophene-2-boronic acid, propanediol cyclic ester,C7H9BO2S

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