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Cyclobutanone, 3-(phenylmethoxy)-




Molecular Formula:C11H12O2

Molecular Weight:176.2118

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 3-(BENZYLOXY)CYCLOBUTANONE; 30830-27-4; SCHEMBL425330; 3-phenylmethoxycyclobutan-1-one; CTK4G5993; DTXSID60565660; EBD5964; 3-(Benzyl-Oxy)Cyclobutan-1-One; GPPSQLLIFNWNSB-UHFFFAOYSA-N; BCP06775; KS-000000TX; ANW-49173; 3-(Benzyloxy)cyclobutan-1-one; BBL102230; CB0227; GEO-04107; MFCD09755991; RW3237; STL556029; ZINC34410842; AKOS006328603; ACN-025419; CS-W008851; 3-Benzyloxycyclobutanone; LS40395; MCULE-7729629224; PB10694; QC-2120; RP02998; SS-4613; AJ-88378; AK-40561; BR-40561; CJ-18351; 3-Benzyloxy-cyclobutanone; SC-52127; SY023884; AB0044017; DB-013136; ST2410374; TC-069512; 4CH-001793; C2792; FT-0084475; FT-0650794; CYCLOBUTANONE, 3-(PHENYLMETHOXY)-; W5309; MFCD09755991 (97%); A23496; S-7416; M111086; J-510813; I14-13130; C11H12O2; CB-2058; 2-METHOXY-5-(4,4,5,5-TETRAMETHYL-1,3,2-DIOXABOROLAN-2-YL)-BENZENEMETHANOL; AC1Q6ECN; 3-(Benzyloxy)cyclobutane; 3-benzyloxycyclobutan-1-one; KSC565S9H;

Keywords: 30830-27-4,MFCD09755991,1P0031WU,Cyclobutanone, 3-(phenylmethoxy)-,C11H12O2

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  • 3-Phenylmethoxy-cyclobutanone is a specialized organic compound that serves as a versatile intermediate in organic synthesis, particularly in the creation of cyclobutane-derived pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and complex natural products. The cyclobutane ring is a strained four-carbon ring that imparts unique chemical and physical properties to the derivatives, making them valuable in various synthetic applications.
    One of the primary uses of 3-phenylmethoxy-cyclobutanone is in the synthesis of compounds with biological activity. The introduction of the phenylmethoxy group can modulate the lipophilicity and electronic properties of the molecule, which can be crucial for the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profiles of potential drug candidates.
    In a synthetic scheme, this ketone can undergo a range of transformations. Through nucleophilic additions, such as the addition of Grignard reagents or organolithium compounds, it can be used to extend the carbon skeleton. Decarboxylation reactions can also be applied to remove the carbonyl group to form cyclobutane rings substituted with different functional groups.
    Moreover, it is possible to generate cyclobutanol derivatives from 3-phenylmethoxy-cyclobutanone through reduction reactions, which are often key intermediates in the synthesis of more complex molecules. These cyclobutanol derivatives can be readily transformed into amines, esters, or other functional groups, thereby expanding the variety of chemical structures accessible from this compound.
    In asymmetric synthesis, 3-phenylmethoxy-cyclobutanone can be utilized as a precursor to access enantiomerically pure cyclobutane derivatives. Using enantioselective organocatalysis or chiral auxiliary approaches, chemists can introduce chiral centers adjacent to the ketone, which are often found in biologically active molecules.
    Lastly, due to the strain in the cyclobutane ring, this compound can be involved in ring-opening reactions under the influence of photochemical, thermal, or metal-catalyzed conditions. This feature can be exploited to create larger ring systems or to introduce bicyclic frameworks into target molecules.
    Overall, 3-phenylmethoxy-cyclobutanone is valued for its versatility in synthetic chemistry, lending itself to a variety of transformations that enable the construction of complex chemical architectures from a relatively simple starting material.

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