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Molecular Formula:C9H6BrN

Molecular Weight:208.0546

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 5-Bromoisoquinoline; 34784-04-8; 5-Bromoisoquinoline, 98%; AC1Q26CY; KSC226K2L; SCHEMBL196671; AC1Q24I4; ARONIS000935; Jsp006290; CTK1C6525; KS-00000MWU; KS-00003UIM; 5-Bromo-isoquinoline; DTXSID70353035; BUTTPARK 44\07-76; CYJZJGYYTFQQBY-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ZINC158610; AC1Q2567; ACN-S004419; ACT08238; ANW-27966; BBL100338; RW2957; ISOQUINOLINE, 5-BROMO-; SBB040185; STK023322; AKOS000268560; AB09627; AC-2582; AN-1266; CB-1717; CM10257; CS-W007854; FS-2226; MFCD01646405; LS20772; MCULE-6093241519; QC-2101; RP04654; RTC-020341; TRA0059141; TRA0059951; VQ10258; WT82234; AJ-15250; 5-Bromo isoquinoline; AK-25821; BC003122; BC211973; BR-25821; CJ-01781; Q695; SC-03682; SY002213; ZB006967; AB0017750; 5-Bromoisoquinoline?; AB1001315; DB-029066; ST2411889; TC-020341; 4CH-015062; A5281; AM20061871; B3313; EU-0081044; FT-0620164; PubChem6214; ST45037761; EN300-39298; C-1354; MFCD01646405 (97+%); 784B048; AE-842/31875011; SR-01000506847; I08-0047; SR-01000506847-1; W-202424; ACMC-1ADIY; F0918-4369; null; 3-Isoquinolinecarbonitrile; C9H6BrN; isoquinoline-3-carbonitrile; 5-Bromoisoquinoline, 98% 250mg; AR-1G7510; CID736487; ZINC00158610; 5-Bromoisoquinoline, 97% - 1G 1g; AC1LEI8L; ACN-036049; 5-bromo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline; A15507; 26947-41-1; 112764-15-5;

Keywords: 34784-04-8,MFCD01646405,1P003N0W,5-Bromoisoquinoline,C9H6BrN

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