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Molecular Formula:C9H6BrN

Molecular Weight:208.0546

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 6-bromoisoquinoline; 34784-05-9; PubChem17031; ACMC-209ia9; AC1L7NZ5; KSC201E8H; SCHEMBL484716; Jsp006291; DTXSID10310602; ZLD0228; ZTEATMVVGQUULZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ACN-S004447; 6-Bromo-isoquinoline; ACT06105; CS-D0847; KS-000006LM; ZINC1758073; ANW-27967; BBL102833; SBB054600; STL556641; AKOS005137974; AC-3304; isoquinoline, 6-bromo-; AN-1274; CB-1722; FS-2187; LS20209; MCULE-6279495936; NSC-229320; PB29336; QC-1359; RP04655; AJ-31523; 6-Bromoisoquinoline, 97%; AK-23508; BC004189; BR-23508; CJ-29721; FS002008; SC-21232; SY004580; AB0033932; AB1004463; DB-011475; MFCD04973299; ST2412261; TC-020340; 4CH-006302; A6104; AM20051103; B4715; FT-0639213; X8001; A-3600; B80025; 6-bromo isoquinoline; MFCD04973299 (97+%); 784B059; S08-0100; W-202425; Z1741968370; InChI=1/C9H6BrN/c10-9-2-1-8-6-11-4-3-7(8)5-9/h1-6; null; Brc1ccc2cnccc2c1; C9H6BrN; CID313681; NSC229320; 6-Bromoisoquinoline, 99% - 1G 1g; ACN-037847; 6-Bromoisoquinoline monohydrate, 99% 1g; C2309; 1099772-09-4; zlchem 769; 6- Bromoisoquinoline;

Keywords: 34784-05-9,MFCD26142773,1P003NLJ,6-Bromoisoquinoline,C9H6BrN

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