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Molecular Formula:C8H8N2O

Molecular Weight:148.1619

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 6-Methoxy-1H-indazole; 3522-07-4; 6-(methyloxy)-1H-indazole; CHEMBL15981; SCHEMBL252796; SCHEMBL18003766; CTK1C2193; DTXSID70505279; CYEQSOYROKGJDA-UHFFFAOYSA-N; BCP26882; CS-D1536; ANW-50670; 6-Methoxyindazole; CM-981; ZINC16677913; AKOS005146424; FCH2143772; GS-3559; PB23628; QC-9902; RP01567; TRA0127651; 1429306-48-8; 1H-Indazole, 6-methoxy-; AC-29343; AJ-68968; BR-23867; CJ-15520; L862; OR302496; SC-22509; SY004109; AX8038460; DB-026400; 1H-INDAZOLE,6-METHOXY-; ST1100694; TC-061751; 4CH-001934; AM20050455; FT-0647753; S-5336; MFCD09261132 (97+%); 522M074; S14-0012; C8H8N2O; AK-23867; A15029; W-204274; MFCD09261132; 2H-Indazole, 6-methoxy-; 6-methoxy indazole;

Keywords: 3522-07-4,MFCD09261132,1P003NPZ,6-Methoxy-1H-indazole,C8H8N2O

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