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Molecular Formula:C9H18O

Molecular Weight:142.2386

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: cis-6-Nonen-1-ol; (Z)-Non-6-en-1-ol; 6Z-Nonen-1-ol; UNII-05401NS64Z; 6-Nonen-1-ol, (6Z)-; MFCD00015388; 05401NS64Z; FEMA No. 3465; Cis 6 Nonenol; EINECS 252-764-1; (Z)-non-6-enol; AI3-35210; (Z)-6-Nonen-1-ol; AC1NSGH7; 6-Nonen-1-ol, cis-; AC1Q2CA6; DSSTox_CID_27587; DSSTox_RID_82435; DSSTox_GSID_47587; SCHEMBL80253; cis-6-NONEN-1-OL FCC; cis-6-Nonen-1-ol, 95%; CHEMBL3182724; cis-6-Nonenol; DTXSID0047587; FEMA 3465; CHEBI:142603; XJHRZBIBSSVCEL-ARJAWSKDSA-N; ZINC5227023; Tox21_303624; LMFA05000135; AKOS015950868; cis-6-Nonen-1-ol, >=95%, FG; FCH1115889; 35854-86-5; ACM35854865; NCGC00256754-01; CAS-35854-86-5; N0469; UNII-RL0YO50F4M component XJHRZBIBSSVCEL-ARJAWSKDSA-N; C9H18O; C9-H18-O; CID5362792; (Z) - non - 6 - en - 1 - ol; 3-ADAMANTANECARBOXYLIC ACID, PHENYL ESTER; (6Z)-Nonen-1-ol; cis-6-Nonen-1-ol, 90% - 25G 25g; (Z)-6-nonenol; (6Z)-6-Nonen-1-ol; (6Z)-Non-6-en-1-ol; 6-Nonen-1-ol, (Z)-;

Keywords: 35854-86-5,MFCD00015388,1P003PGA,|cis|-6-Nonen-1-ol,C9H18O

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