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Molecular Formula:C14H20O

Molecular Weight:204.3080

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 4-hexylacetophenone; 37592-72-6; WWBVHJKFJZBRSO-UHFFFAOYSA-N; MFCD00043677; 1-acetyl-4-hexylbenzene; Agarose GPG/LE; AC1Q2VUH; AC1Q5DXS; ACMC-209iu5; AC1L3WN4; SCHEMBL965858; 1-(4-Hexylphenyl)ethanone #; 1-(4-Hexylphenyl)ethanone; DTXSID9068037; CTK8B1566; ALBB-018408; ZINC2168748; 4'-N-Hexylacetophenone, AldrichCPR; ANW-28683; SBB008299; AKOS009153701; FR-1188; MCULE-1138728626; p-Hexylacetophenone; RP04488; VZ27402; KS-0000140N; AJ-33907; AN-21202; TR-015260; FT-0618588; R1742; ST50825531; Y8913; 4'-Hexylacetophenone; EN300-29767; I01-7642; J-503322; Z1245735244; C14H20O; AR-1L0682; C14-H20-O; CID123462; ZINC02168748; A2500; 4'-n-Hexylacetophenone; H0669; 9012-36-6; 1-(4-hexylphenyl)ethan-1-one; Ethanone, 1-(4-hexylphenyl)-; 4-n-Hexylacetophenone; 4-Hexylacetophenone;

Keywords: 37592-72-6,MFCD00043677,1P003MAQ,1-(4-Hexylphenyl)ethanone,C14H20O

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