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2-Fluoropyridine-4-Boronic Acid




Molecular Formula:C5H5BFNO2

Molecular Weight:140.9081

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Synonyms: 401815-98-3; 2-Fluoropyridine-4-boronic acid; 2-fluoro-pyridine-4-boronic acid; MFCD04112534; AK-30379; BORONIC ACID, (2-FLUORO-4-PYRIDINYL)-; 2-Fluoropyridine-4-boronic acid, 98%; PubChem2192; AC1MD4FQ; ACMC-1AKD7; 4-Borono-2-fluoropyridine; KSC235M8L; (2-fluoropyridin-4-yl)boronic Acid; SCHEMBL155221; 2-fluoropyridine4-boronic acid; 2-fluoro-4-pyridinylboronicacid; CHEMBL3236586; CTK1D5685; KS-00000AQG; DTXSID40382635; 2-fluoro-4-pyridine boronic acid; 2-fluoro-4-pyridine-boronic acid; WXGBZJJAGLSBPR-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 2-fluoropyridin-4-ylboronic acid; 2-fluoro-pyridin-4-ylboronic acid; 2-fluoropyridin-4-yl-boronic acid; ACT01451; BCP22988; CS-D1044; ZX-AP000318; (2-fluoro-4-pyridinyl)boronic acid; 2-fluoro-pyridin-4-yl-boronic acid; ANW-29310; BBL101411; 2-Fluoro-4-pyridineboronic acid; CF-528; FCH918902; PC9954; RB2041; SBB071113; STL555207; AKOS005258738; ZINC169743654; 2-FLUORO-4-PYRIDYLBORONIC ACID; AB17600; 2-Fluoro-4-pyridinylboronic acid; AC-6985; AN-9473; F2370G1; GS-6566; LS20224; QC-1665; RP01263; RTC-040150; TRA0026229; BC000723; 2-fluoropyridine-boronic acid; BC226848; Boronicacid, B-(2-fluoro-4-pyridinyl)-; BP-10997; BR-30379; CC-10630; HC150027; N404; SC-04258; SY013200; AB0006399; 2-Fluoropyridine-4-boronicacid; AB1005270; AX8002639; DB-008200; ST2407892; TC-040150; 2-fluoropyridine-4-boronic acid, AldrichCPR; 4CH-001322; A6720; AM20051155; F0935; (2-fluoro-4-pyridyl)boronic acid; FT-0612343; B-1785; MFCD04112534 (95+%); 815F983; C-02016; J-509523; null; C5H5BFNO2; ACN-032481; CID2783396; 2-FLUOROPYRIDIN-4-YL-4-BORONIC ACID; 2-Fluoropyridine-4-boronic acid, 95% 1g; Boronic acid, (2-fluoro-4-pyridinyl)- (9CI); 2-Fluoro-4-pyridinylboronic acid, 95% - 1G 1g;

Keywords: 401815-98-3,MFCD04112534,1P0033SJ,2-Fluoropyridine-4-Boronic Acid,C5H5BFNO2

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