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5-Bromovaleryl chloride




Molecular Formula:C5H8BrClO

Molecular Weight:199.4734

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 5-Bromovaleryl chloride; 4509-90-4; bromovaleryl chloride; 5-bromovaleric chloride; 5-bromopentanoylchloride; AC1LAV8A; AC1Q3GAD; 5-bromo pentanoyl chloride; ACMC-209k0n; SCHEMBL50102; KSC238I5T; 5-Bromovaleryl chloride, 97%; 5-Bromopentanoyl chloride; AMOT0220; CTK1D8459; DTXSID40334573; ZINC2560396; ANW-30213; AKOS006222732; ACN-050984; AM85775; AN-5121; FS-4820; 5-Bromovaleroyl Chloride; RP25716; RTR-017199; TRA0003483; BC681280; SC-13447; U473; AB0019283; DB-051264; TL8003130; TR-017199; 5-Bromovalerylchloride; FT-0635334; A22094; I14-0496; J-517221; CID521173; ZINC02560396; B2059; K-9000; 5-bromo-pentanoyl chloride; 5-bromovaleric acid chloride; OKRUMSWHDWKGHA-UHFFFAOYSA-N; MFCD00013660; bromovalerylchloride;

Keywords: 4509-90-4,MFCD00013660,1P003N20,5-Bromovaleryl chloride,C5H8BrClO

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