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Molecular Formula:CH6N4O

Molecular Weight:90.0845

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: carbohydrazide; Carbohydrazide; Carbazic acid, hydrazide; Semicarbazide, 4-amino-; Carbonic acid, dihydrazide; Cabazide; Karbazid; Hydrazinecarboxamide, N-amino-; Urea, 1,3-diamino-; Urea, N,N'-diamino-; Karbazid [Czech]; carbonyl dihydrazine; 497-18-7; Hydrazinecarboxylic acid, hydrazide; 1,3-Diaminomocovina; diaminourea; Carbonohydrazid; UNII-W8V7FYY4WH; carbonodihydrazide; NSC 1934; N,N'-diaminourea; 4-aminosemicarbazide; 1,3-Diaminomocovina [Czech]; Carbonic dihydrazide; carbonylbis-hydrazine; hydrazinecarbohydrazide; EINECS 207-837-2; N-aminohydrazinecarboxamide; W8V7FYY4WH; N-aminohydrazine carboxamide; BRN 1747069; AI3-52397; hydrazide hydrazinecarboxylic acid; XEVRDFDBXJMZFG-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 1,3-Diaminourea; MFCD00007591; Carbohydrazide, 97%; CH6N4O; Urea,3-diamino-; Urea,N'-diamino-; Carbohydrazide, 98%; 1,3-bis(azanyl)urea; ACMC-1AEZI; WLN: ZMVMZ; AC1Q5PXL; Carbazide; EC 207-837-2; AC1L2KV4; 4-03-00-00240 (Beilstein Handbook Reference); KSC235S0J; DTXSID5038757; CHEBI:61308; CTK1D5904; NSC1934; KS-00000X7Q; NSC-1934; Carbonohydrazide; ANW-30830; ZINC64634060; AKOS003193931; RL03822; TRA0064474; AN-21408; H247; LS-51887; DB-029568; RT-000598; Carbodihydrazide; FT-0606617; A827826; I06-0392; W-106011; 4702-23-2; undefined; HYDRAZINECARBOXAMIDE; C-H6-N4-O; CID73948; c0803; Hydrazine, carbonyldi-; Carbonohydrazide, 97% - 100G 100g; C019289; CHZ; Hydrazine, carbonylbis-;

Keywords: 497-18-7,MFCD00007591,1P003P5Z,Carbohydrazide,CH6N4O

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