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4-Perhydroazepinone hydrochloride




Molecular Formula:C6H12ClNO

Molecular Weight:149.6186

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 50492-22-3; 4-Perhydroazepinone hydrochloride; Hexahydro-4H-azepin-4-one HCl; F2173-0036; 4-oxohomopiperidine-hcl; PubChem17662; 4-oxohomopiperidine.HCl; azepan-4-one HCl salt; 4-Perhydroazepinone, HCl; azepane-4-one hydrochloride; 4-homopiperidone hydrochloride; KSC497A1F; azepan-4-one hydrochloride; SCHEMBL653029; Azepan-4-one hydrochloride salt; 4-Oxohomopiperidine hydrochloride; CTK3J7012; DTXSID10621624; Hexahydro-4-azepinoneHydrochloride; WFTRLIZPJMFJER-UHFFFAOYSA-N; Perhydroazepin-4-one hydrochloride; ACN-S003869; hexahydro-azepin-4-on hydrochloride; Hexahydro-4H-azepin-4-one hydrochloride; KS-00000C4C; ZX-AT006253; hexahydro-azepin-4-one hydrochloride; AC-862; ANW-43489; CP-166; OR4647; RW3004; VT1100; AKOS015848539; 4-Azepanone hydrochloride; CS-W001845; MCULE-3201401906; PS-8927; RP21310; RTC-063670; TRA0016085; VZ35562; WT82144; hexahydro-4H-azepin-4-one-hydrochloride; Azepan-4-one--hydrogen chloride (1/1); Hexahydro-4-azepinone Hydrochloride; BC220436; BR-26041; EN001262; H405; Hexahydro-4-azepinone hydrochloride, 96%; SC-20974; SY017922; AB0013034; AB1006303; AX8033841; 4-PERHYDROAZEPINONE HCL; DB-031170; hexahydro-4H-azepin-4-one monohydrochloride; ST2411590; TC-063670; TL8003349; 4CH-002126; AM20100232; FT-0084316; FT-0649214; Hexahydro-4H-azepin-4-one Hydrochloric acid; 4H-Azepin-4-one, hexahydro-, hydrochloride; hexahydro-(4H)-azepin-4-one monohydrochloride; MFCD02183487 (95%); EN300-206218; M-3206; C-58267; I14-2879; J-515921; Hexahydro-4-azepin-4-one hydrochloride; Azepan-4-one hydrochloride; Azepan-4-one hydrochloride (1:1); Azepan-4-one; C6H12ClNO; MFCD02183487; 4-Perhydroazepinonehydrochloride; 4-Azepanone hydrochloride, 96% 1g; 105416-56-6; AK-26041;

Keywords: 50492-22-3,MFCD02183487,1P003MFC,4-Perhydroazepinone hydrochloride,C6H12ClNO

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