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4-Hexylbenzoyl chloride




Molecular Formula:C13H17ClO

Molecular Weight:224.7265

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 4-Hexylbenzoyl chloride; 50606-95-6; AC1L56EB; 4-N-HexYl-Benzoyl Chloride; 4-Hexylbenzoyl chloride, 98%; SCHEMBL1020543; DTXSID7068558; CTK3J3204; para-n-hexyl benzoic acid chloride; ZINC2140822; ZX-AT023458; AKOS002685611; 4-n-Hexylbenzoyl chloride; MCULE-4839112494; ACM50606956; CC-20046; CJ-32868; DB-051800; RT-001323; FT-0618590; ST51039962; C-12714; I01-19301; Benzoyl chloride, 4-hexyl-; C13H17ClO; C13-H17-Cl-O; 4-hexylbenzene-1-carbonyl chloride; CID170863; ZINC02140822; p-Hexylbenzoyl chloride; XRAHLPNMIIAEPP-UHFFFAOYSA-N; MFCD00000701; 4-n-Hexylbenzoylchloride; EINECS 256-647-6; AC1Q2VUI;

Keywords: 50606-95-6,MFCD00000701,1P003MAR,4-Hexylbenzoyl chloride,C13H17ClO

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